About Us

Pizza La Strata’s story goes back to May 1987, when its founder opened up its first Pizzeria in Limassol. Its heritage though, dates back to many years in the making, even before the birth of its founder. Costas the grandfather of the founder of Pizza La Strata was born in 1902. He opened up his own bakery, where his creations grew to be very popular. In the following years, Costas’ son Kyriakos and father of the founder of Pizza Lastrata joined the family business and took it to the next level, making it known around Limassol, and had increased their offerings to over one hundred products.

In 1962 Mike, the founder of Pizza La Strata was born. He grew up in a vibrant and creative environment, filled with the love of baking and surrounded by delicious smells; the trademark of successful recipes.


From an early age, he liked to experiment in the family bakery and, at the age of 12, he baked his very first pizza. Since that day, he would always dream of creating his own pizzeria. It seemed that his dreams where shattered though, due to the Turkish invasion of the island, where the market at that time was not ideal for new introductions. He then left for Scandinavia where he spent his time studying, as well as working at a local pizzeria, where he enhanced his knowledge about pizza and his experience in the food industry. Along with his mentor, Chef Angelo de la Strati, he experimented with his pizzas, creating new and unique flavors. Upon his return to the island he opened up three pizzerias in his hometown. The first at Makedonas avenue in 1987, the second one 10 years later in Ypsonas area and finally 5 years after that, the third one in Leontion A Avenue – city center.



2000: Pizza la Strata introduced the largest pizza for the market at the time, named Giant 52cm

2005: Pizza la Strata increased the size of its best seller pizza to 62cm now named Atlas.

2010: Finally Pizza la Strata creates the largest pizza on the island called Galaxias 72cm